ONE4ALL joined MARS, MODUL4R and MODAPTO in the new research Cluster AMiMO.

AMiMO stands for Automated Manufacturing with Intelligent Modules and is a strategic cluster of EU funded projects, all sharing an aligned research focus on “Excellence in distributed control and modular manufacturing”. Funded by the Horizon Europe Programme, these projects primarily aim to explore the modularity of production systems that will enable flexible production, through cyber-physical modules.

The 3 projects that teamed up with ONE4ALL and created the AMiMO cluster

MARS Manufacturing Architecture for Resilience and Sustainability

The European project MARS aims to revolutionise the manufacturing industry by introducing extreme flexibility without compromising product requirements, quality, or sustainability. MARS aims to achieve this by leveraging advanced technologies such as Artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud and edge computing to create a highly adaptable and dynamic manufacturing environment.

Through these technologies MARS creates an interconnected and intelligent manufacturing ecosystem that seamlessly integrates with the supply chain and enables real-time monitoring and control. MARS will hence enable manufacturers to respond to changes in demand and supply quickly and efficiently.

MODAPTO Modular Manufacturing and Distributed Control via Interoperable Digital Twins

MODAPTO envisions a future where industrial systems are highly adaptable, comprised of modules, and empowered by distributed intelligence through interoperable Digital Twins (DTs). MODAPTO brings the advantages of a global perspective to production by facilitating collective intelligence within modular production setups. This fosters effective design, reconfiguration, and decision support for modules and production lines.

MODAPTO’s primary goal is to provide a versatile framework for modular manufacturing. This framework can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of any production module, process, or manufacturer. It supports activities such as high-level design, reconfiguration, and optimization decision-making. Additionally, it enables the use of distributed intelligence and control over modules through interoperable DTs.

MODUL4R Industrial Manufacturing strategies for distributed control and resilient, rapidly responsive and reconfigurable supply chains.

MODUL4R is a 42-month project funded by Horizon Europe programme that aims to advance manufacturing with robust and autonomous modular production lines and supply chains. These advancements will allow for a low-volume production of new products in a cost-efficient manner, while providing the ability to rapidly adapt to unexpected situations and fluctuating supply chains.

The project focuses on the following four key-pillars, offering hardware and software components:

  • Resilience against changes in customer and societal demands, as well as disruptions in the supply chain.
  • Modular Technologies for flexible manufacturing operations.
  • Simulation and interfaces to the Industrial Metaverse.
  • Human centred technologies and upskilling.

With these four pillars, MODUL4R will motivate a shift toward a “think small” paradigm through competitive and resilient high-performance manufacturing with green and circular practices.