One4All technology provider: meet Automationware

One4All technology provider: meet Automationware

One4All technology provider: meet Automationware

  • Posted by Mara Corbella
  • On September 1, 2023

Automationware is one of the technology providers of One4all project. It is a leader and expert in disruptive innovation, technology, research applied to mechatronics and advanced robotics, for the robotization of process and factories.  

 In this article we have interviewed Automationware to discover more about the applications in One4all use cases

Which are the solutions you have already implemented and adapted for Industry 4.0? 

Automationware is working on a series of projects concerning the Italian production chain and mainly in the food and pharma sectors. Our solutions use mechatronics and robotics (also collaborative and mobile) to redefine the way of making production in factories

Specific attention is paied to the issue of connecting machines to company management systems, but also foreseeing multi-agent evolutions, scalable and modular according to supply chain evolutions, new machine learning and AI technologies.  

Which is the role of robotics in the future of Industry 4.0?  

It will be decisive in overcoming some of the difficulties that many companies encounter nowadays: 

  • to give people roles of competence in the management of the equipment, avoiding processes in the absence of intellectual value.  
  • to make production more efficient and predictable, especially in processes that require interventions that are potentially dangerous for humans, such as palletisation or human-guided forklift movement. 

The robots will have unconventional forms and modalities and therefore they will adapt to the different applications. 

What is your role in One4all project? 

Automationware is responsible of Work Package 4, for the development of Innovative reconfigurable cyber-physical production module (RCPM). This means that the technology provider will identify the most suitable robot or module and adapt it to the specific context and peculiarities of the project use-cases.  

Moreover, Automationware will be involved also in activities related to the definition of the pilots, the analysis of data collected and standardisation of results.   

According to your expertise, what will be the impact of One4all innovations in Industry 5.0? 

The impact foreseen is strictly related to the EU indications paradigms in terms of next generation robotics:  

  • Flexible production systems 
  • Advanced robotics 
  • Building Information Management 
  • Human-oriented Technologies 

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