ONE4ALL 2° Consortium Meeting

ONE4ALL 2° Consortium Meeting

ONE4ALL 2° Consortium Meeting

  • Posted by Mara Corbella
  • On June 15, 2023
  • Meeting, partners, updates

On 14th and 15th June the partners of ONE4ALL project joined for the second time in presence in Dublin.

The meeting commenced with an overview of the project’s current status, outlining milestones achieved, and highlighting key outcomes. Partners actively engaged in sharing their findings, acknowledging successes, and discussing potential modifications to enhance project efficacy.

Throughout the meeting, partners engaged in constructive debates to identify and address any obstacles hindering progress. The discussion encompassed a wide range of topics, including resource allocation, technological advancements, timeline adjustments, and stakeholders’ engagement strategies. The goal was to develop actionable plans that would pave the way for smoother project implementation.

The meeting concluded with a renewed commitment to collaboration and a clear list of next-step actions for the following 6 months.

For further updates, check the news on ONE4ALL website and social media.